White Dark Eldars Lair

Here's mah new website about the warhammer 40,000 Drukhari faction !

Mainly crafted to showcase my army of White dark eldars, unusual color scheme but painted with love ❤

Website crafting roadmap

First of all I'll try to finish the main website structure, but also will add more and more pages dedicated to each squads, accompanied with delightfull pictures

If I found some time, I'll add all the Work in Progress also

Then I'll add all ressources I casually stepped on wandering in the web

If there is some demand, I'll also add a couple of tutorials / step.hyphenate(lang="en-us") by step.hyphenate(lang="en-us") / good practices about modeling & painting

And finally some of my other work (not on DE)

Pages early access

Waiting for da menu, I just want to see how a finished squad webpage looks like :$

How about some kabalite warriors ?

Or some wyches ?

About the website

Coded from scratch by myself, optimized for performance & search engines stuff.

Also all images should be optimized (4 versions each : 320, 640, 960, 1280px wide) and loaded for your needs, so it shouldn't ruin your mobile data traffic.

'Hardcoded' as it doesn't have a backoffice ; I'm aiming for hardcore performance here ; If you have comments feel free to email me at masamune.code@gmail.com

I might had a hardcoded comment section later on ^^'

Thanks for your support ❤